Selasa, 15 Juni 2010

see ?

Help me please.... I'm so confuse hehehehehehe. I just felt dismayed lately, just bcause I don't have a boyfriend. Uooo what a important. Hahahahahaha but it's so hurt huh? Every night I just sit alone and doing nothing (lebay). I just feel empty right here. And sometimes i feel envious when I saw my friends were did date with her boyfriend, like sinta, uma, dety. tejo. janniu(seharusnya lo sama gua *lol) and so on. Ohmyfuckingdog..... Oyea I'm........ I'm so sad to be single. Yewww but at least, i still have many friends who's care about me. Oh boy, would you like to be mine? I need yours at all (who is that boy?)